Turmeric Fingers


Goodwill Internaitonal is manufacturer and exporter of Turmeric Powder, Ground Turmeric. We, manufactures and exports Turmeric Powder, Ground Turmeric as per buyer’s requirement and quality standards. Tumeric Powder is well known as Haldi Powder. Turmeric Powder is manufactured by grinding best quality Whole Turmeric. Turmeric Powder is used to flavor food, it is also used as natural color additive. Goodwill International manufactures and exports best quality Turmeric Powder.

Country of origin: India
Quality: As per Size : 8mm+, 7-8mm, 6-7mm, 5-6mm
As per Colour – Jumbo Dark, Large Dark, Medium Dark, Small Dark Green
Type of Packing: 5kg cartons x 8 such cartons in a master carton. Total 40Kg
-As per Buyer Requirement