Turmeric Powder


Goodwill International is a Supplier, Manufacturer and Exporter of Turmeric Powder. Standard size & 60 mesh for Powder form. Bright golden or yellowish-orange colour. Straight out of the farm, bitter, warm, and peppery flavoured turmeric powder gives the real touch. Turmeric powder acts as a flavouring and colouring agent.. Great for Health supplements, Medicines, Ayurvedic skin & Personal care products, Masala powders, Pickles, Instant spice powders, Seasonings, Ready to cook/eat foods, Snacks industry.

Country of origin: India
Quality: VARIETY : Salem Turmeric.

Available  Turmeric Whole- Finger & Bulb, Powder, Spent, Turmeric Bits forms..

Type of Packing: 25/ 50 Kgs Paper Bags with thin liner inside
-As per Buyer Requirement