Cumin Seeds


Today, cumin is the second most admired spice in the world after black pepper, usually get used in foods, beverages, liquors, medicines, toiletries and perfumery. Cumin seeds are used in almost every Indian recipe. It is commonly known as Jeera or Zeera in India. They are very useful because of their fragrance and taste. They are extensively found in various parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan in India.Besides this, the demand of cummin seeds (jeera) is enhancing day by day as these are very effective in adding zing to various Indian as well as foreign cuisines.

Country of origin: India
Quality: -Singapore Quality 99% Purity
-Singapore Quality 98% Purity
-Europe Quality (Big Seeds)
-USA Quality (Supreme Quality)
Type of Packing: -As per Exports Standard Packing
-As per Buyer Requirement